Thursday, September 02, 2004

Customers? Oh, sure.

CEO Haigh and the Transfund guys are long on talk and short on detail when it comes to customers.

They keep citing the same "twelve customers."

But never a name. Never.

The logical thing for them IF they actually have a customer is to talk about it. It would certainly make for a lot more credibility than the hype and flackery they've issued about "authorizing" some kind of meaningless alliance.

See "SVC Authorizes New Partner, Alliance Group International for Outbound Marketing, Data Mining, and Email Campaign Support" for the sort of tripe they have been putting out instead of announcing REAL customers.

This just makes one wonder ...

After ousting me from Pocketpass, the new CEO, Chris Haigh did not contact our existing customers or a ranking executive at Prudential Securities who had people interested in investing.

This makes me wonder why?

Why did Haigh and the Transfund investors NOT want customers and investors that were beyond their own tight circle?